Walking with Horses at Animal Magic Worldwide near Kimberley BC is hard to put into words. Something deeply transformative happens within us the moment we align with the powerful rhythm of a horse. Meeting a horse “on the level” builds the kind of relationship with the animal most people only dream about. Walking with horses reminds us of interconnectivity and oneness. It creates an intimacy of the heart.

Participants of Walking with Horses with Martina Danzer and Animal Magic Worldwide receive hands-on guidance in leadership skills to be able to walk with your “own” horse to a beautiful mountain meadow. While your four-legged partner grazes, you can enjoy your own snack, journal or simply BE. By spending 2.5 hours in intimate and conscious connection with a horse in nature, you will relax deeply and connect with your own essence. Please pre-register at least 3 days before the event with Martina@AnimalMagicWorldwide.com or via call or text to Martina Danzer (250) 427-9707.

Schedule for Walking With Horses 2018

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$55/person (group of 2)    $40/person (group of 3-5)