Animal Magic Worldwide near Kimberley BC can host your leadership course with horses, a corporate retreat with horses, facilitate ongoing team building sessions with horses, or come to your office to assist in the co-creation of a conscious company model, which authentically reflects its powerful and highly individual members. No previous horse experience is necessary.

Traditional and established leadership styles in politic and industry are mostly predatory. These days many conscious leaders and team members feel a need to internalize the emotional intelligence skills it takes to harmonize with other people – and nature. The horses at Animal Magic Worldwide near Kimberley BC embody those skills. The concepts which are being facilitated in these leadership courses with horses are reflected in Lao-Tzu’s recommendation from over 2500 years ago – to know the masculine qualities, but to keep to the feminine energies. Awakened corporations therefore model what EFEL-professional Linda Kohanov calls the strengths of non-predatory behaviour: to consciously choose relationship over territory, process over goal, responsiveness over strategy, cooperation over competition, emotion and intuition over reason. And yet to be focused and assertive when the situation calls for it. Just like horses.

    Individuals:  $150/session
    Groups:        Professional fee will be individually negotiated, based on group size and time commitment
    Equine facilitated team building sessions are custom-designed to match your team’s vision. Professional fee will be individually negotiated, based on group size and time commitment

Photos courtesy of Magdalena Schaarwaechter Photography