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Martina’s Book is here!!
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Martina Danzer’s book “I will carry you to Power – A Journey of Transformation with Horses” is now available on Amazon! Or, if you live in the Kootenays you can purchase it directly through Martina@AnimalMagicWorldwide.com, get a signed copy and save the shipping cost.

“Martina is a warrior princess, helping to re-awaken the divine feminine through her powerful connection to horses. She is strong, brave, and very gifted in communicating with all of creation and the spiritual realms. She is also a brilliant story teller and writer, from beginning to end I couldn’t put the book down.” Liz Mitten Ryan, Equinisity Retreats.

During a spooky night late in the fall, a strange visitor from another time zone shows up at the Martina Danzer’s secluded mountain cabin. He shares an astonishing story with her, how horses saved his life during WW2. Despite her paralyzing fear of these big animals, she accepts his plea to honor the horses on his behalf.

Follow Martina Danzer’s intriguing journey from fear to power by exploring ancestral, spiritual, and intuitive aspects of the human-horse relationship throughout the ages, and how it relates to the current shift of consciousness on the planet.

This book brings hope to the reader, because it is a testament that we all came here to heal and to be healed. Humans and horses. And that we can help each other on this journey.

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