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Summer Solstice Activation and Alignment Gathering
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7 horses at Animal Magic Worldwide near Kimberley BC gather around two willow trees in transformative collective meditation this morning. As the root system of the trees reach deep into the soil, so does the frequency work of the horses. Their big bodies act as powerful resonance chambers, actively directing frequency boosts of the horse collective to be joined with the trees. In this moment a vacuum is created. An inner place of stillness. The inner universe accessed through the eye of the horse. Oneness in action.

As the old masculine (and feminine) principle within finally collapses, it shoots deep signals of activation into our systems to observe and release collective and individual trauma information from our bodies. An honoring ceremony of the protective mechanisms between the feminine and masculine has been done on the property this week – following the bee’s guidance. As the Queen Bee leaves the hive, so does the old feminine archetype in shadow. As these energetic leadership shifts within rumble through our bodies, many things in the outer world no longer make sense, no longer work.

An activation and re-alignment of the new voice, the new “inner” ears, and the third eye is being offered by Charlie Sims in a powerful gathering during the Summer Solstice window. The details of what is playing out during this transmission can never be exactly formulated beforehand. As always it is a co-creation between all participants via your offered frequency. However – the leaving of the Queen Bee and the nursing of a new Queen in the bee hive twice within 9 days indicates a huge inner opening for a restructuring of new behaviors, abilities and ways of looking at and being in this new world.

Charlie Sims is a galactic traveler and multidimensional healer. For the last 10 years he has followed his calling as a healer by deepening his working knowledge on Merkabas as a vehicle for the ascension process. His frequency activation work is profound and effective. Please register with martina@animalmagicworldwide.com or PM through FB or call/text (250) 427-9707.


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