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Art Therapy for healing Trauma
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Art therapy is now available for East Kootenay residents! Professional art therapist Martina Danzer is offering her services in private practice for those who seek an alternative mental health option to assist with trauma, anxiety and a variety of other emotional challenges for youths, adults and families.

Danzer, who studied art therapy as a post-baccalaureate program to her teaching degree in Germany, has been a member in good standing with the BC Art Therapy Association (BCATA) for 18 years. However, for the last several years, her interest in healing trauma took her away from the art and into the world of horses instead. Several years of intense studying with internationally renowned and ground-breaking pioneers in the field of equine facilitated therapy has now culminated in the recent publication of her book ‘I Will Carry You to Power – A Journey of Transformation with Horses.’

With her acquired certification as instructor for equine facilitated therapy, she now brings both options to her community in the Kootenays. “The process of healing trauma and deep emotional pain is one beyond language,” she says. “Artistic expression and experiential engagement with animals and nature, combined with a compassionate and conscious observer, offer the client opportunities to release painful memories on a cellular level, bypassing the protective mechanisms and controlling believe systems of the brain.”

Danzer, who describes her own healing journey from childhood and ancestral trauma with the help of horses in her book, hopes to assist especially youths in her community to become emotionally agile and adept in authentic leadership skills. “Trauma plays a huge role in mental illness, addiction and the state of our physical well-being. We are just starting to tap into the depth of it all. However, with new studies such as epigenetics available, we now know how traumatic experiences from previous generations influence our current life via our DNA. The pathway out is to change the “software” of our brain and more importantly – the one our body defaulted to for generations.”

She offers her services from her rural home outside of Kimberley BC, where the natural environment supports a safe healing journey for her clients. She posts art therapy classes and other events on her website and her Facebook page under Animal Magic Worldwide.

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