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Apology to the Horse Collective
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The Apology to the Horse Collective is the epilogue of Martina Danzer’s book “I will carry you to Power.”  It  honours horses in what they have endured and what they have given during their journey with humans.

As a film project author Martina Danzer travelled together with her photographer friend Magdalena Schaarwaechter to different farms and ranches across British Columbia and Alberta, looking for horses and their guardians who would resonate with the information of the Apology to the Horse Collective. The most remarkable part of this experience was that whenever the human guardian read the apology to the herd or the horse, it was absolutely clear that the animals “got it.” Each and every time they graciously accepted and released for their own kind.

A little side note… the ending of the movie shows author Martina Danzer riding through the scene on her beautiful Morgan mare Royal who replied to the question about what her purpose in the herd is, “I am here to carry you to power, Martina.”

You can purchase the book at Amazon. Proceeds go towards sponsoring youths to participate in equine facilitated learning to support them in becoming authentic leaders and emotionally intelligent community members.

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