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Animals Accelerate Our Growth
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Those we love and admire and those we hate and fear.
Their power lies in their unconditional love for humanity and their unity with light – hence their high vibrational frequency. Just being in the mere presence of animals – wild and domesticated – acts as a frequency activation.
Once we open our consciousness towards the possibility that we are dealing with a higher consciousness being, we can join forces with the animals and overcome limiting believes and move more powerfully than ever towards awakening and self-realisation.

One thought on “Animals Accelerate Our Growth

  1. Deb

    Growing up I always felt a special kinship with our family pets . Spending time with the horses and taking the courses I now know how amazing animals are in connecting with their humans and how if one is open to the animals gifts of connecting to your higher self is life changing. I thank all the events in my life that has lead me to Kimberley and the horses at animal magic. Truly without a doubt magical.
    Thank you,

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