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Walk with Horses – Fundraiser May 29, 2016
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Horses are travelers. In a natural environment they walk up to 20 miles a day. With their powerful spirit they can take us humans on many journeys – of healing, of peace, of inspiration, of connection.
On Sunday May the 29th at 11am, humans and horses will gather at Animal Magic Worldwide near Kimberley BC to go on a journey of the heart and soul together.
The idea was born from the wish to support my soul-sister Clair Pusztay from Wasa BC, who is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatments in Calgary AB to heal from cancer. She inspires me so much with her spirit and clear intention to “move forward”, because she has still “things to do” in her life.
By walking with our healing herd of 6 horses, you can honour your own journey or somebody else’s. It is a mindfulness activity that is meant to remind you of the joy and preciousness of life.
The get-together will start with an opening-of-the-heart meditation, before we connect with the horses. We’ll groom them, tie pink ribbons into their manes, learn how to lead with clarity, and then head out for a 30min walk to a beautiful lush mountain meadow. As the horses graze, you can enjoy your own lunch (bring it in a backpack please), and let your heart and soul enjoy the delightful co-creation of human and horse spirit (bring a journal if you want).
Donations to participate in this guided experience with horses are graciously accepted to support Clair’s naturopath treatments alongside the chemo. All proceeds will be forwarded in full and directly to her.
Please register with Martina Danzer at Animal Magic Worldwide near Kimberley BC on her cell 250.427.9707 or msg on FB or martina@animalmagicworldwide.com

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