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Welcome To Animal Magic Worldwide


At Animal Magic Worldwide near Kimberley BC in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, the horses are truly the magicians, continuously supporting people and the planet to create miracles, by assisting them to shift perception – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
The pathway to the Magic of Animals and our own true Spirit is frequency. Like musicians, we need to constantly tune our instruments – our body and cells – to co-create the beautiful symphony we truly came to play. Horses with their extra-sensory awareness as non-predatory animals and with their big bodies act like resonance chambers with the ability to balance within humans what is out of tune.
The shifts our team at Animal Magic Worldwide has observed in our clients over the last 20 years of working in nature with wild and domesticated animals are only ever limited by the filters of the human observer. Changing the information held in DNA, shifting ancestral, cultural, gender-related or recent trauma, collapsing limiting core-beliefs, healing inner archetypal structures, and re-activating and balancing brain-functions are processes we have the privilege to witness on a daily base.
Sessions with horses take place on-site at our ranch near Kimberley BC or via long distance appointment over the phone. Since none of us is limited by time or space, working with holograms is something clients and the animals chose to do more and more. Experiential hands-on sessions with the horses for emotional intelligence, personal and professional leadership development, as well as team-building retreats are as powerful and popular as ever. The process is fun, comprehensive and filled with a sense of adventure. The results are amazing and life-changing. See and experience it for yourself. Call us today Рwe look forward hearing from you.