August 08-11, 2018 (Sat 9AM – Tue 5PM)
$1,050 early bird (paid in full before July 10, 2018)

Animal Magic Worldwide’s black horses have outlined a very specific agenda for this Black Horse Magic workshop near Kimberley BC, Canada during the powerful 8-8 Portal. Together with Linda Kohanov’s Eponaquest Instructor for Equine Facilitated Learning Martina Danzer the black horses are facilitating the wisdom & mastery of the feminine path of power by balancing the masculine and female aspects of self.

The wisdom of black horse holds a significant meaning not just within the field of Equine Facilitated Learning. Throughout human history black horses have played a significant role as a symbol for the latent, subconscious, and more mystical sides of the not so easily accessible aspects of our psyche. This particular Black Horse Magic Workshop with its focus on the wisdom & mastery of the feminine path of power works with the fact that thousands of years powerful paradigms have held the feminine AND the masculine in shadow – resulting in women who lost access to their male balance and men who lost access to their female balance. These transferred pieces of ancestral information are of course no longer in alignment with the principles and the frequencies of the New Earth and cause havoc and discord within our outer and inner relations, preventing us from experiencing deep peace and joy for life and self. Remember that the outer experiences always reflect our inner world. Now is the time to release attempts to control and change the external world, and focus on internal shifts instead. In order for women and men to live a passionate and free existence from within, we need to bring peace, healing and balance to the masculine and feminine in our own heart and soul in order to claim the full wisdom and mastery of the Feminine Path of Power.

This shift the black horses of Animal Magic Worldwide are assisting us with, is particularly powerful because of the Cosmic Stargate of 8-8.

Following the wisdom and guidance of black horse in Black Horse Magic Workshop makes inward changes possible because it signals the opening of a new and creative pathway that will be filtered through the heart. It means stepping onto the path home and journeying into oneness. Realized personal power lies in the sacred embrace and union of our inner archetypes. If they are at war inside of us, we will never be able to create peace and harmony around us. By bringing balance to the masculine and feminine, you will bring deep profound healing to your inner realm and manifest new love and belief in self. A place where fully awakened creator consciousness can then live purposefully – filled with passion, love and joy.

Together with Animal Magic Worldwide’s magical healing herd of 8 horses, participants will engage on sacred lands near the Rocky Mountains in transformative and experiential Equine Facilitated Learning exercises, guided journeys, tree of life renewal, Urim and Thummim frequency work, visualizations, archetypal work, frequency activations, light code downloads, cellular and DNA adjustments, simple art therapeutic exercises, and water-activations in our own small refreshing mountain lake.

Animal Magic Worldwide’s home base is nestled right beside the Canadian Rockies in British Columbia. Deeply connected to the frequency of the surrounding mountain ranges, the secluded property is also energetically aligned with the powerful Archangel Michael Vortex near Banff and is perfect to support high frequency shift-work and healing of humans and animals. The property is off the grid and has a beautiful little lake to swim in (if you like cold mountain spring water).
Nearest airport is Cranbrook BC. We offer free pick up and drop off service. If you arrive by car, please don’t use a navigation system – it doesn’t take you to the right location. We’ll email you directions upon registration.
Driving time from Calgary AB to Animal Magic Worldwide is approximately 4 hours.

$1,050 early bird – paid in full before …. 
. $1,150 – after …..
. Receipt of payment will ensure your place in class. Payment via cash, cheque (Martina Danzer) or e-transfer (

Cancelling prior to the early bird date (3 weeks in advance of class), you will receive a full refund LESS $150 administration fee.
 NO REFUND when cancelling after the early bird date (less than 3 weeks) prior to class. Credit will be applied to future class.
Payment via cash, email money transfer, or cheque or PayPal (add 4% surcharge). The instructor reserves the right to cancel the course up to 5 days prior should the enrollment of new students not meet the minimum numbers (full refund is then applicable).

Ranch-stay shared accommodation (2 beds/room) with all meals at Animal Magic Worldwide in the Lost Dog Valley is included.

Martina Danzer (250) 427-9707 or