Animal Magic Worldwide near Kimberley BC offers you cutting-edge and highly effective Equine Facilitated Learning sessions to change the way you feel about yourself and the world around you. You will engage with Horses in a professionally conducted Experiential Learning approach for personal and professional development and psychotherapy.  By utilizing your body’s wisdom while engaging physically with these powerful Animals, you will not only have a chance to trigger transformative neurone-activation in your brain, but actively reprogram cellular information deep in your body at the same time.

Equine Facilitated Learning sessions last on an average 1-1.5 hours. Each session is designed specifically for you – to ensure the highest success rate in making your identified goals and desired outcomes come true. No previous Horse experience is necessary. If you are looking for something that isn’t listed here, please contact us with your ideas – we love that!

ONE ON ONE:   Child, youth, adult – 95/hr

TWO PEOPLE:   Couple, 2 siblings or friends, parent & child – 125/hr

GROUPS & FAMILIES:   Professional fee will be individually negotiated, based on group size and time commitment

ONSITE VISITS:   We travel to visit you and your pet at the barn or at your home for a combined Guardian-Animal session for healing and learning. Fee depends on travel distance and will be individually negotiated.

BODY TALK FOR ANIMALS & HUMANS:  Offered in person or long distance – 50/session (suggested donation since I am a student of BodyTalk, not a Certified Body Talk Practitioner)

LONG DISTANCE SESSIONS WITH HORSES:   Archetypal Work, Frequency Activations & Downloads, Animal Communication & Linking Awareness work via phone worldwide.