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The Search for Horses
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My freedom-loving herd loves, loves, loves to wander miles upon miles, exploring, foraging, and simply following their nomadic heritage of continuous movement. For me as an owner this means that I need to dig up my best tracking skills – intuitive and otherwise – if I want to find them in the thick of the mountain wilderness. The most challenging places are always intersections or what I call “places of choice”. It’s easy to get overwhelmed as a tracker in those places: there are tons of tracks, going off into what seem like a gazillion different directions…. up this trail, down that road, off into the meadow.

When I follow these tracks, they usually only go for a few yards, before they turn around again. Sometimes it seems that the horses even fall asleep in those places. And I have seen logging truck drivers desperately and with little effect honk their horn at the herd, because the horses hang out in the middle of a logging road doing what they are doing, which is TAKING THEIR TIME – because EVERY CHOICE COMES WITH A GAP.

A gap for consideration and for feeling it out which choice resonate the best. This is a place where head and heart meet – all aspects are taken into consideration. For us humans this often seems like a useless time of WAITING, where as in truth it is an ACITVE PRESENCE WITH THE MOMENT.

Where has habit replaced my awareness of choice in my life? Can I allow myself to befriend not just choice but the gap of active awareness that comes with it? And can I breathe into my body in those moments of choice to allow my heart and other wisdom places of my body to contribute to my decision making process?

(A friendly reminder of the Firehorse of the Year 2014)