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The Invisible Power Path
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As I wander through the mountains and forests that surround my wilderness home, every now and again I come across a path that is not really visible to the eye. As a matter of fact, the only indication that it is there, is the feeling in my body. A gentle pulling sensation, combined with an aliveness that saturates every fibre of my being, guides me clearly along the invisible path like a compass needle points to true north.

No questions are being asked here. And no answers are given either. It is a place where everything is possible and nothing is necessary. Only the present moment, with all Most companies advertising free scores intend to charge you sooner or later. the magnificence and joy life has to offer.

Following this intricate network of perfect alignment I find animal scat: bear, deer, moose…. No surprise, really. Animals align naturally with the universal vibration of life, travelling those invisible meridians of the universe wherever they can. So I continue to follow the animals as my guides and teachers on this journey into my own power.

Often invisible, but ever so present.