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Welcome To Animal Magic Worldwide
We live in magical times! Never before has the planet seen such potential for change and growth and possibility.
Animals are on the forefront of supporting humanity’s evolution. Animal Magic Worldwide, located near Kimberley BC, within the high-frequency field of the Canadian Rockies and the Archangel Michael Vortex of Banff, is here to bring humans and animals together to facilitate opportunities for change.
Horses are powerful accelerators for transformation. They assist you to harmonise and self-heal aspects of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. All animals – domesticated and wild – do this constantly. They invite you to rise your vibration to match your life’s purpose and to live your dream.
By engaging with our powerful herd of healing horses mostly on the ground, it becomes quickly clear which area in your body or your life is ready for harmonisation – because the animals show you.
Animal Magic Worldwide’s human facilitators are observing your process of change using elements of Breath Work, Reiki, Body Talk, Linda Kohanov’s Eponaquest Principles, Animal Communication, Break Through work, Art Therapy, and nature-based Multidimensional Wisdom Knowledge to activate dormant DNA and inner knowingness.
The process is fun, comprehensive and filled with a sense of adventure. The results are amazing and life-changing. Nothing compares to the transformative powers of our animal companions. See and experience it for yourself. Call us today – we look forward hearing from you.